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We get LOTS of questions about the Wait List. It’s a complicated thing and changes on a regular basis! Here is some information that might help explain how it works:

Wait List placement is based on information provided during the intake process. When a slot opens up (or we know that it will be opening up at the end of someone’s contract), we will call the family of the first age-eligible child on the Wait List with the matching slot type.  Thus, if a M/W/F slot opens up, we will not call families who are asking for a full-time (M-F) slot and vice versa.  It is critical that your intake represents your enrollment desires as well as your level of flexibility.  If your needs change while on the Wait List, please call in and have your Intake Form modified.

There are actually several subcategories of Wait Lists:

  • “Sibling Wait List” – for siblings of children now or ever enrolled with CF. They take first precedence once they are age-eligible.
  • “Slot Availability Wait List” – for a child who is age-eligible but for whom there is no open slot.
  • “Age Eligibility Wait List” – for children who are not yet age-eligible.
  • Within each list, children are divided into wanting full-time slots vs. part-time slots. Part-time slots are combined whenever possible to avoid “enrollment holes”* (see below).

When a slot is expected to open, we seek the first eligible child with a request for a matching slot type. Slots cannot be held open for more than two weeks (to allow families to provide written notice if needed).  The enrollment goal is to remain as close to 100% full at all times.

Mulberry Room (Toddler/Pre)will be licensed for 9 slots (full day only) –   2 teachers

  • Preference to full-time (M-F) enrollees. NO “enrollment holes”* (see below) permitted.
  • Preference to children who are 21 months by September (so that no child will spend 2 years in this classroom; they will be “age-eligible” to move up into Birch by September).
  • With such a small classroom, we will attempt to achieve some gender balance in enrollment.

FOR ALL PRESCHOOL ROOMS – each room is licensed for 20 slots (all children are 2.9 through K):

  • Birch Room (youngest pre’s) – 3 teachers
  • Hickory Room (middle pre’s – most children preparing for Kindergarten) – 2.5 teachers
  • Maple Room (oldest pre’s – all children preparing for Kindergarten) – 2 teachers
  • Preschool enrollees can be either full-time (M-F) or part-time (minimum of 2 days)
    • Typically, approximately 10-12 slots in each classroom are filled with full-timers
    • Part-time requests are subject to our ability to fill slots while creating the fewest possible “enrollment holes.” For example, a M/W/F request is easily shared with a T/Th request to fill one complete slot.  A M-Th request creates a Friday “enrollment hole” which can be harder to fill (it needs to be combined with another “hole” and filled with a flexible, part-time enrollee).
  • Preschool enrollees can be full-day or half-day
    • Typically, most slots are full-day, with a few slots in each classroom available for half-day use.
    • Half-day is defined as pick-up completed prior to noon. Drop-off occurs anytime during our drop-off window (6:30-8:30 AM) and pick-up must be completed by noon.
    • We do not typically register children for the second half of the day.

A child’s spot on the Wait Lists is dependent upon information provided during the intake process.


Our school-age program runs a little differently.  When the West Wing addition is complete, we will have dedicated space for up to 52 school-agers (typically K-6th grade) for all out-of-school-time (OST) care.  This amazing space will include a large Common Room, an Art Pod, a Science Pod, an Engineering Pod, and a “Chill” Pod as well as incredible outdoor space.  For children enrolled in the Granby Public Schools, we offer Before School care from 6:30 AM until bus pick-up/school starts, After School care from bus-drop off/end of school to 6:00 PM.  We also offer care during the prescheduled half day and full day curriculum days based on the Granby Public Schools calendar.  Additionally, we provide a safety net for all families by covering the unexpected: emergency school closures, snow days, delayed openings, and early releases. We also offer “emergency care” when slots are available.

Families of school-agers have the opportunity to contract separately for the school year and the summer.  Families are also given the opportunity to pre-contract for extra care, ensuring that they have the care when needed.

School-age preference is given to currently enrolled families, with preference given to full-time enrollees and siblings. Empty spots are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Requests must be emailed to billing@childrenfirstofgranby.org and confirmed by the main office.

Any time there is no school scheduled (snow days, vacations, and summers), our slots are open to children from any community, subject to the same preferences listed above.

Please fill out this google form for siblings.  Even if you believe your child is on our Sibling Wait List, please complete *this* form.




Children First does not produce brochures or other advertisement literature.  We find that most families choose to place their child with us based on two factors: 1.) word of mouth from people that they know and trust and 2.) completing a tour with us.

Tours are typically scheduled only when we have an expected opening (either imminently – which is rare, or at expected ends of contracts – usually at the end of August/early September).  Tours for the upcoming fall are offered starting in January and will continue almost daily until the enrollment is full in each classroom.  All other intakes will be added to the Wait Lists (see Wait List info page).

Tours, conducted by Donna Denette, our Executive Director, are scheduled at 8:15 AM and last approximately one hour.  Children are welcome to attend the tour.  We do ask that each family ensure that all necessary parties attend the tour on the day scheduled.  It is difficult to schedule a second tour as we are typically booked daily during this time in order to fill all 69 slots.  It is both hard to reschedule as well as to offer a “follow-up” tour to another decision-maker, for instance.

During the tour, you will spend time in each classroom as well as getting a tour of the full facility.  In the classroom, we will sit to one side of the room, and you will have an opportunity to observe several important transitions (drop-offs, free-play, clean-up, Circle Time, and the transition to morning snack).  While you are observing, Miss Donna will talk about CF’s philosophy, curriculum, daily schedule, staff, structure, behavior management, etc. There will be time throughout and at the very end for questions.

Because we are typically offering tours for expected open slots only, the slot will be offered to the family at the end of the tour. Whenever possible, families are asked to communicate their decision within a week (mitigating circumstances should be discussed with the Executive Director) so that new tours can be set up for any unclaimed slots.

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