Fee Sheet


Effective 1/1/2018

For all families not currently under contractual obligation.*


Toddler Daily Rate:                                                                                          $54.00


Pre-School Daily Rates:


                                Full Slot                                                                                                $46.75

                                (6 or more hours a day)

                                Half Slot                                                                                               $29.00

                                (fewer than 6 hours a day either before or after 12:00 noon)



Kindergarten/School Age Daily Rates:       


                                Full Slot (Curriculum Days, Snow Days, Vacations Days)      $41.75

                                (6 or more hours a day)

                                Before School Slot                                                                             $8.75

                                (6:30 AM – bus pick-up)

                                After School Slot                                                                                $17.50

                                (Bus drop-off – 6:00 PM)

                                Half Day Curriculum Day Slot                                                      $25.50

                                (Early release bus drop off – 6:00 PM)


                                Kindergarten Program                                                                    $4,000 (annual)

                                (Discounts do not apply)


Extended Morning Care (for delayed openings)                  $4.00 (1 hr delay)

                                                                                                                $8.00 (2 hr delay)


Summer Program                                                                              $41.75


FINANCIAL AID MAY BE AVAILABLE  (based on income eligibility and availability of funds)


*For families with contracts, the rate increase will go into effect at the termination of the current contract.




Family Discount: 10% off for second child, applied to the lesser tuition amounts (does not apply to voucher participants or anyone not paying the full amount for the first child)

Advance Payment Discount: 3% for paying monthly, 5% quarterly, 6% semi-annually, and 7% annually (discount is automatically removed should any payment be late or refused for insufficient funds)



    $75.00 per family per year (covers September 1st  to August 31st).

$25.00 per family for summer-only registration (June-August)

Fee sheet 2018-2019

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