COVID Resources

Please read the information below to ensure that you know what the expectations are when children have any signs of illness. Let’s keep a tight lid on both COVID spread and the spread of illnesses with overlapping symptoms.

If your child is ill, please refer to the exclusionary list of symptoms here. These exclusionary symptoms are the COVID ones (although most of them would entail keeping a child out no matter what), meaning that we
need to determine that your child does not have COVID. There are 2 possible routes to accomplish that:

1.) Get tested – both a “molecular” and a “PCR” test are acceptable.
Home and rapid tests are not.
2.) Get cleared by a clinician (pediatrician, urgent care, etc.)
In both cases, please send documentation of the negative test and/or
medical clearance to me or Miss Heather (can be hard copy, email, or
even a screen shot/photo of results).

 Fever (anything over 100)
 Chills
 Cough
 Sore throat
 Difficulty breathing
 New loss of taste/smell
 New muscle aches
 Diarrhea/nausea/vomiting

The following may also be symptoms but are usually seen in combination with the above (these
are not, at this time, exclusionary on their own):
 Fatigue
 Headache
 Runny nose/congestion
 Any other signs of illness if combined with top list

Find a test site: (we require “molecular/PCR”
not “rapid/antigen” tests)

We love HCC/Eastfield Mall sites!

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