Preschool Story time

School-agers enjoy the sweet “fruits” of their labors.


Before School Fun

Summer Camp—eating fruit kabobs


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Preschoolers doing yoga for morning movement

Summer field trip to Lake Wyola



In the spring of 1999, a privately owned child care company in Granby was being subsumed in a share-holders’ dispute. The loss of that center would mean the loss of child care for almost thirty Granby families and the loss of many jobs.  Staff spent countless hours working to solve this problem. They asked parents and community members for help, formed a volunteer Board of Directors, and, by September, 1999, formed a new, non-profit [501(c)(3)] child care corporation: “Children First Enterprises, Inc.” named because we wanted our company to “put children first.”  Donna Denette and Beverly Pead were two of the original co-creators.      

That was more than ten years ago, and we still have the key original staff who created the company together!  We went through several organizational changes during the first two years, but finally settled on having an Executive Director to oversee the administration of the company in the spring of 2001.  Since then we have grown and improved both our pre-school program (Kimberly Marsh, preschool program coordinator) and our school age programs (Heather Blanchard, school-age program coordinator) under the guidance of Beverly Pead, Program Administrator.   In 2004 our pre-school became accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) [], an honor of which we were quite proud.  We also converted the barn on the property into a summer-use-only “clubhouse” for the school-agers to attend summer camp (some of our school-age programs function for the academic year out of the West St. School cafeteria which we rent from the Granby Public Schools).  As we grew and our reputation for providing excellent care and curriculum by a caring, educated, consistent staff grew with us, we OUTGREW our space. In 2006 we made a commitment to expand our facility. We were accepted into Building Stronger Centers, a program offered by the Children’s Investment Fund to help non-profit childcare companies expand and/or improve their services. We purchased 3.5 acres of land and the buildings that we had previously rented. We worked with an architect who specialized in the design of child care facilities as well as a local landscape architect. The result is our recently-re-opened, newly-expanded, magical and wonderful Children First Center! Having involved all of the stakeholders (children, parents, staff, Board of Directors) from the beginning, the center not only meets our needs but delights at every turn.

Our history is based on goal-setting, and each year we are committed to improving (even now, when we have just met such a big, long-term goal!!)!  Each year we pursue our goal of being better than the year before!  Our new goal is to work with the teachers and children to further develop our nature program and further define the uses for our outdoor spaces.  We already have something spectacular for each season (fall = pumpkin patch, winter = sledding hill, spring = gardening, and summer = mini spray park!!). But there is lots more that we can do!!

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Holiday cookie-making

Outdoor winter fun

Scarf dancing—movement activity

Children First Enterprises, Inc.

"We Put Children First!"

View of the newly-expanded Children First from Pleasant St.


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Children First

 is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), child care company, incorporated in 1999 to provide early education and care for children

ages 2.9 through 14 years of age.


Children First is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


To file a complaint of discrimination, write to the USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410, or call (800)795-3272 (voice) or (202)720-6382 (TDD).  USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender.



The mission of Children First Enterprises, Inc. is to provide high quality, innovative child care services through developmentally appropriate practices which promote the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our children as well as their cognitive and creative development.


This institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.



We believe that children are the responsibility of all members of the community:  it takes a village to raise a child.  We believe that this responsibility takes precedence over all other responsibilities we share as members of our community:  We must put children first.


We believe that it is our responsibility to keep our children safe, both physically and emotionally. To fulfill this responsibility, we are committed:

* To taking action against the violence which is pervasive in our            society

* To advocating for peaceful conflict resolution

* To setting a zero tolerance policy for violence, either physical            or verbal

* To fostering an understanding of and a respect for the            diversity of    our society

* To building self-esteem

* To strengthening emotional literacy

* To teaching values by word and example

* To promoting the courage to admit mistakes and the ability to            learn from errors

* To detecting and reporting signs of abuse and neglect

* To creating a safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate            environment for the children entrusted to our care

* To implementing all state and local safety regulations

* To supporting parents in their efforts to raise happy,            confident, compassionate children


We believe that it is our responsibility to keep our children healthy and physically fit.  To fulfill this responsibility, we are committed:

* To promoting good nutrition

* To enhancing fine and gross motor skills

* To encouraging proper dental care

* To fostering hygiene and self-care skills

* To implementing all state and local health regulations

* To requiring appropriate immunizations and regular physicals

* To providing a program offering a balance of rest, exercise,            and fresh air

* To supporting parents in their efforts to raise active, healthy            children


We believe that it is our responsibility to educate our children.  To fulfill this responsibility, we are committed:

* To strengthening cognitive and academic skills

* To fostering literacy

* To building decision-making and problem-solving skills

* To enhancing an understanding of and appreciation for our            environment

* To promoting creative self-expression through art, music,            movement, drama, and writing

* To advocating on behalf of the public schools

* To supporting parents in their efforts to raise literate, well-           educated children


We believe that it is our responsibility to support those who work with our children.  To fulfill this responsibility, we are committed:

* To offering training workshops and discussion groups for early            childhood educators and parents

* To treating every parent and early childhood educator with            respect and to value their dedication to children

* To creating a positive, nurturing environment for parents and            early childhood educators

* To providing affordable services to families

* To establishing rates of pay and benefits commensurate with            the great responsibility placed upon early childhood            educators

* To validating and empowering all those who work with our            children


We, the staff of Children First Enterprises, pledge to fulfill each of the responsibilities listed above to the best of our abilities.

For general program information or to leave a message for the Preschool or older After School Program: call (413)467-2345 anytime to leave a message. Donna Denette, Executive Director or Beverly Pead, Program Administrator will return your call.


To leave a message for The Children First Club (Before School or After School K-3), call (413) 467-9889 any time to leave a message. 


Or call (413) 467-2345, M-F, 9-4:30, to speak with Donna Denette, Executive Director.

To contact us:

Mailing & Shipping Address:


Children First Enterprises, Inc.

40 Pleasant St.

Granby, MA  01033


Phone: (413) 467-2345

Fax: (413) 467–1451


Email  Addresses:

Executive Director     

Program Administrator